Trio Kits


Tilting Motor Works

You bought a bike and you spent years customizing it, making it your own. It's no longer 'just a bike' it's family. You love your bike and together you have laid down thousands of miles in adventures or maybe even just weekends bar hopping. Either way, your bike is a part of you.

We here at Boyd Cycles know that sometimes situations change in life and two wheels are not always an option going forward. Well, before you put that 'for sale' sign on your ride and say goodbye to your baby check this out!

We have partnered with Tilting Motor Works to bring you the Trio front end conversion kit. Trio converts your Harley-Davidson, Indian, or Honda into a 3-wheeled beast that leans and rides better than any trike can ever offer you and better yet, you keep your bike along with all of your customizations. 

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