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The ultimate, M8 4.250” 124" Forged piston kit from Cycle-Rama, Inc...Here’s all the cool

124 Big Bore Kit

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • • AST coated skirts, to reduce friction and wear while increasing engine longevity.

    • Hard Anodized, top ring groove eliminates micro welding and maintains a flat smooth surface for

    the best ring seal.

    • Dimpled dome, to allow the flame front to stay uniform and active for a longer period of time, for

    maximum efficiency in the combustion process.

    • Ceramic thermal barrier coating, which limits the thermal growth of the piston and retains heat in

    the combustion chamber,( Heat is Power). Less heat transfer to the wrist pins and rods, which keeps

    the oil cooler.

    The attributes of the coating and dimpled design together, create a boundary layer that becomes

    thinner and more turbulent, resulting in a markedly better combustion event. (Bigger Boom)

    The latest in ring technology for the ultimate sealing power and reliability make this the perfect

    package for cutting edge performance.

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