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1K and 5K Services

•    Change engine oil & oil filter.
•    Inspect air cleaner and service as required.
•    Change primary chaincase lubricant and clean magnetic drain plug.
•    Check clutch adjustment.
•    Change transmission lubricant and clean the magnetic drain plug. *
•    Check and adjust chains/belt.
•    Grease the foot shift/brake lever.
•    Check rear brake pedal adjustment.
•    Inspect brake pads and discs for wear.
•    Lubricate the following: front brake hand lever, throttle control cables, clutch control cable.
•    Check operation of throttle and enrichener controls.
•    Check tire pressure and inspect the tread.
•    Check and clean battery connections.
•    Replace spark plugs.
•    Check the condition of rear shock absorbers.
•    Check air suspension – pressure, operation, and leakage. *
•    Check engine mounts.
•    Check the tightness of all fasteners except engine head bolts.
•    Road test.

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